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High Quality Metal Services

Specializing in Aluminum, Stainless Steel, & Titanium

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Call us at: 613-770-5695.

We'll get right on a quote, or right out to you if time is a priority.

Dutch 'N Scotts Inc. is Leading Quality Rare Metal Projects, and Artisan Aesthetic.

Quality is What We Do Best

Services Offered

At Dutch 'N Scotts Inc. we provide a large variety of products and services aimed towards the highest quality and value 

  • high quality metal fabrication services for all your needs. We specialize in Aluminum and Sanitary Stainless Steel. Whether you need custom metal work for your home, or your business, we can help.

  • We do Titanium fabrication too!

  •  Hardfacing

  • On-Site Aluminum dock repair.

  • Farm Equipment Repair

  • Live edge wood steps and bar tops, Custom light shrouds, Artisan Crafts.


Aluminum Fabrication

Dutch 'N Scotts offers some incredible Aluminum fabrication, whether On-Site, or in the shop. You can always expect not only a strong product, but one that is pleasing to the eyes as well.


Hardfacing Services


We know how important it is to keep your equipment running. The loss of a hardface on your buckets, crushers, or claws can cost you significantly in down time. 

Here at Dutch 'N Scotts we're quick and ready to go at a moments notice!


From Rock Crushers and Excavators to farm equipment, we've got your back for weld repairs or hardfacing!

We offer a range of metal fabrication services to meet your needs. Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to providing high quality workmanship and customer service.

Est. 2023

Year of Establishment




Projects Completed

Skilled Employees

Business Partners

Who we are

Dutch 'N Scotts Inc. is a metal fabrication company focused on bringing a high quality product to the Belleville, Stirling, Picton, Kingston, and Peterborough locations.

Chris Cairns

CEO, Dutch 'N Scotts Inc.

We specialize in Aluminum and Sanitary Stainless Steel, and offer a range of services including Titanium fabrication, Hardfacing, Live edge wood steps and bar tops, Custom light shrouds, Artisan Crafts, and On-Site Aluminum dock repair.

Our Clients

We believe each client is a long term partnership. Contact us to see how we can help with your metal fabrication needs.

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